Rare images and sounds (low-fi)) from LOVECRAFTLAND CINE-KONCERT at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2019.
Words Howard Philips Lovecraft
Libretto, 3D Films & Live Camera : Pêra Musik: Randolph Carter (Paulo Furtado, AKA The Legendary Tigerman) Live VJ & 3D Post-Production: Cláudio Vasques With: Irís Cayatte, Keith Esher Davis Paulo Furtado and Dominique Pinon Production: Rodrigo Areias – Bando à Parte
Live Sound: João Paulo Dias Cine-koncert filmed by: Marvel Kisch, Ana Soares e Pedro Marinho

“Cine-koncerts are a key element of Edgar Pêra’s praxis –the key, actually, for it is here that many of his most important impulses meet: His passion for music, his impatience with anything looking artistically too set and fixed, plus his love for all things performance. Of equal key are the writings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft whose darkly visionary words waft through works by Pêra as formally diverse as the 3D-photofilm Stillness (2014) or Caminhos Magnétykos. Here, excerpts from Lovecraft-texts (read by Keith Esher Davis) are set to images sometimes 2D and sometimes 3D remixed in situ with video sights captured by Pêra during the performance proper, all powered by live music courtesy of Paulo Furtado, with performative interventions by Caminhos Magnétykos -female lead Iris Cayatte – and the one and only Dominique Pinon! ” Olaf Moller for IFFR


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