t’s 20 years since Terence Mckenna passed away, and I decided today to make a new film dedicated to him, Manual of Evasion LX2020 (proto-mix), with brand new material from 1994. It will premiere tomorrow in Youtube, during the tribute to Terence, hosted by his brother Dennis Mckenna.(link to 1994’s Manual of Evasion here Legendary … More TERENCE MCKENNA 2020


I want to thank the International Independent Film Awards for the Gold Winner Award (best experimental film) for Magnetyck Pathways. In the film, drones tell people to go home, because of the curfew. It’s not fiktion anymore… . Special thanks to Margery Wilson! A Rodrigo Areias/Bando À Parte-Persona Non Grata Produktion With – Dominique Pinon … More MAGNETYCK DRONES


Rare images and sounds (low-fi)) from LOVECRAFTLAND CINE-KONCERT at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2019. Words Howard Philips Lovecraft Libretto, 3D Films & Live Camera : Pêra Musik: Randolph Carter (Paulo Furtado, AKA The Legendary Tigerman) Live VJ & 3D Post-Production: Cláudio Vasques With: Irís Cayatte, Keith Esher Davis Paulo Furtado and Dominique Pinon Production: Rodrigo … More LOVECRAFTLAND


Words- Fernando Pessoa by Miguel Borges Live Soundtrack by Artur Cyaneto Excerpts from the film The Amazed Spectator (E.P. 2016) Koordination Rodrigo Candeias PS: A margem de erro nestes direktos é giganteslka, klaro. São cine-momentos, não são filmes. Mas é o Erro que nos faz humanos, komo disse o filósfo. E também não adianta dizer … More NOTHINGNESS LIVESTREAM # ZERO 16-03-2020

Magnetick Pathways festival tour in the USA (& Interview)

  Magnetick Pathways just won 3 awards in the USA : Vortex Grand Prize, for best science fiction/fantasy feature film at the Rhode Island  Film Festival in Providence (homeland of cosmic writer Howard Philips Lovecraft, one of the authors quoted in Magnetick Pathways) Dominique Pinon -Best actor at Infest New York Film Festival Best Experimental film … More Magnetick Pathways festival tour in the USA (& Interview)